• Aisle High bay 100W

    Aisle High bay 100W

  • Aisle High bay 150W

    Aisle High bay 150W

  • Aisle High bay 200W

    Aisle High bay 200W

  • Aisle High bay 100-150W

    Aisle High bay 100-150W

  • Aisle High bay 200W

    Aisle High bay 200W

  • Aisle High bay

    Aisle High bay

Reference Version Dimming Power Lumens Efficacy Working voltage Beam angle CCT IP
HBL100NW 62cm 1-10V 100W 14.500 145lm/W 220-240V AC 40º/110º 4000K 65
HBL150NW 62cm 1-10V 150W 23.000 153lm/W 220-240V AC 40º/110º 4000K 65
HBL200NW 92cm 1-10V 200W 32.000 160lm/W 220-240V AC 40º/110º 4000K 65
  • Description
  • Perfect solution for warehouses with high shelves that require a specific type of luminaire with a special angle that maximizes the luminous flux and prevents scattering and shadows.

  • Anti-corrosion coating surface with IP65 and advanced cooling system.

  • More than 150 lumen per Watt -ultra high light efficiency and Meanwell driver.

  • Different mounting options: surface mounting, suspension mounting with steel wires and double mounting for wider beam angle.

  • Optional version with dimming and motion sensor, increasing economic and energy savings.

  • Features
  • LED type: NICHIA NF2W757GR

  • Lifespan (L70B10): >250.000 hours

  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): >80

  • Power factor: >0,9

  • IK protection rate: 10

  • Working temperature: -40º∼+50ºC

  • Certificates: CE, DLC, ETL

  • Class D lightsource

  • Guarantee: 5 years

Reference Spec sheet Manual IES File LDT File
  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Sport centers

Working voltage 120-277v
Rated load 400W@120Vac, 800W@220-277Vac (inductive) | 800W@120Vac, 1200@220-277Vac (resistive)
HF system 5.8Hz±75MHz, ISM wave band
Transmitting power <0.5mW
Power consumption ≤0.8W (stand-by) | <1.5W (operation)
Detection zone max.(∅ x H): 16m x 15m
Detection sensitivity 100% | 50%
Hold time 5s | 30s | 90s | 3min | 20min | 30min
Daylight sensor 50lux | 100lux | 200lux | Disable
Stand-by period 5s | 5min | 10min | 30min | 1H | Disable
Stand-by dimming 10% | 20% | 30% | 50%
Mounting height 15m Max.
Motion detection 0.5~3m/s
Detection angle 150º (wall installation) | 360º (ceiling installation)
IP 65
  • Motion sensor for aisle high bays can detect motion through plastic, glass and thin non-metal material.

  • 15 meters maximum mounting height.

  • 3 regulation levels:

    • Disabled: With suficient natural light, the sensor does not switch on the luminaire.

    • 1. Activation: With insuficient natural light, the sensor switches on the luminaire when movement is detected.

    • 2. Dimming: After pre-fixed hold time, sensor dims the luminaire at a low level if there is no movement detected.

    • 3. Switch off: After pre-fixed stand-by period, sensor switches off the luminaire if there is no movement detected.