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  • Stal de Sjiem School
  • Stal de Sjiem School
  • Stal de Sjiem School
  • Stal de Sjiem School
  • Stal de Sjiem School

Stal de Sjiem School


  • Monjasa Park Stadium
  • Monjasa Park Stadium
  • Monjasa Park Stadium
  • Monjasa Park Stadium
  • Monjasa Park Stadium

Gefco Plattform


  • Gefco Plattform
  • Gefco Plattform
  • Gefco Plattform
  • Gefco Plattform
  • Gefco Plattform
  • Gefco Plattform

Gefco Plattform


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Industrial lighting

High, hard-to-reach ceilings, expansive spaces, hot or cold temperatures, long operating hours and unique buildings characteristics can create lighting challenges and inefficiences. That is why so many industrial facilities managers turn to SILVERSUN for customized LED lighting solutions that maximize savings and improve performance throughout their facilities.


Office lighting

Creating a comfortable working environment is key for many businesses. Installing the right lighting solutions helps increase employee productivity and their overall well-being. The combination of natural daylight, artificial light and light management systems provides optimal lighting meanwhile a specially adapted light control system maximizes energy efficiency.


Retail lighting

Optimum lighting is essential in retail environments. Well-designed lighting solutions enhance the look of the merchandise, leading to increase sales and saving energy. Flexible, efficient, high-quality light, powered by enabling technologies can help stores to effectively profile their products to maximize the customers shopping experience.


Hospitality lighting

The hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest energy savings potential. With the amount of burning hours that light sources are used for and the huge spaces that need to be lit, it is easy to understand why changing to SILVERSUN LED lighting uses up to 90% of less energy, making considerable cost savings for this sector, where lighting is also a key aesthetic.


Sport facilities

In terms of efficiency at a sports complex, lighting ranks third in energy expenditure, after air conditioning systems and hot water. Lighting accounts for 15% of the total energy consumed in this kind of facility. Improvements in energy efficiency mean considerable cost savings and, if the replacement contributes to optimizing the quality of light, the change will be definitive.


Outdoor lighting

External LED lighting is fundamental for helping to enhance quality of life and improve infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. SILVERSUN's fixtures enhance illumination on streets, as well as buildings, squares and stores during the night. They also provide savings through increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance needs and longer lifetimes.


Our LED systems

A bit of background on our tecnology

The average life of a LED lamp is around 40000 hours compared to 1200 hours of incandescent bulb or 10000 hours of a fluorescent. SILVERSUN LED lightes reach 60000 hours lifespan.

SILVERSUN products are design according to the highest standards of quality and are meticulously cotrolled and certified by CE, TÜV, RoHS, SAA, DLC and ETL.

In SILVERSUN we are so confident in the quality of our LED lighting systems that we can offer up to 5 years of guarantee on manufacturing and material malfunctions.

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We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer up to 5 years guarantee

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