• Zus & Zo Nieuw
  • Zus & Zo Nieuw
  • Zus & Zo Nieuw
  • Zus & Zo Nieuw

Project Details

  • Client: Zus & Zo Nieuw
  • Place: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Date: November 2016

Project Story

Zus & Zo is a kindergarden that chose SILVERSUN as a provider for the old lighting system substitution. In this space conventional downlights and fluorescent tubes were one-to-one replaced by LED downlights and tubes. From this moment on, great energy and economic savings were achieve every day.

Before: 72 Fluorescents 4x18W | 12 Downlights 6'' 2x18W

After: 18 Premium Panels 60x60 36W | 12 Premium Downlights 6'' 18W

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