• IBERIA Test bench
  • IBERIA Test bench
  • IBERIA Test bench
  • IBERIA Test bench

Project Details

  • Client: IBERIA Test bench Maintenance
  • Place: Madrid (Spain)
  • Date: August 2019

Project Story

In these facilities with more than 220,000 square meters next to the Barajas airport (Madrid) we find the Iberia test bench. In this place the aircraft engines are tested after the corresponding revisions and repairs. Here, due to a poor quality of light, the installation of different SILVERSUN LED luminaires has been carried out, an important issue taking into account that for this type of technical work a good lighting is necessary. Among all the products, we highlight the ATEX certified high bays for explosive atmospheres, a product specifically selected by Iberia due to the danger of the tests carried out in these facilities.After the change, the company will save about € 20,000 per year in lighting due to the decrease in light points and the efficiency of LED technology.

Before: 177 Conventional High bays 250W | 68 Fluorescents 4x18W

After: 100 Standard high bay 100W | 36 Special High bays with ATEX certificate 90W | 35 Integral fixtures 15W y 50W | 22 Panels Premium 36W | 19 Standard Downligths 6W

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