• Padel 2.0 Indoor Club
  • Padel 2.0 Indoor Club
  • Padel 2.0 Indoor Club

Project Details

  • Client: Padel 2.0 Indoor Club
  • Place: Madrid (Spain)
  • Date: January 2021

Project Story

In this indoor club they needed to improve the quality and quantity of light on their padel courts. To achieve this, we changed 16 standard 200w led fl ood lights for 8 FLS100CW and 8 FLS150CW from Silversun. We obtained 50% more of light in court number 2 (with an 340lx average and more tan 50% of uniformity ) and more than 70% in the central court (with an 560lx and more than 50% of homogeneity)

Before: Básic Flood Lights without lens and 100lm/w eficiency

After: 8 Pro-Sport flood light 100W | 8 Pro_Sport flood light 150W

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